Cotton comes from sheep doesn’t it? No it comes from Cows!!!!

By the time Archibull Prize 2011 judges reached Colo High School on the first day of judging we had started to believe Western Sydney students could turn a cow into anything at all and the students at Colo high School didnt let us down.

Can you imagine how gobsmacked we were when we saw “Threads”.

At first glance “Threads” had obviously had an altercation with a clothes line. On the line was a wide range everyday products made from cotton.

"Threads" Dont you just luv the name

But wait there is a lot more to “Threads” than first meets the eye

Colo High School was the first school who used both the inside and outside of the cow to tell their story.


Inside their cow was the story of the rural/urban divide with the country and city divided by a field of cotton. The imagery depicted cotton as the “heart” of their cow

Colo High School students with "Threads"

Colo High School’s treatment of the theme allowed the students to cleverly tell two stories of the same industry.

Art teacher Ms Mountain talks about the development of the Big Ideas here

Technology whizz Jesse shares his invovlment in the program here.

News Flash

Jess and the Colo High School technology team of Paul Pagnan and Ben Anderson took out best PowerPoint presentation ( tie with Model Farms High School)at the Archibull Prize 2011 Awards and Exhibition Day
You can see this very clever PREZZI here

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