“Milky Way” says Schofields Public School is a very nice place to be.

Our next Archibull Prize judging challenge came from Schofields Public School’s entry “Milky Way”.

Schofields  (15)

Most of the students at Schofields live in semi-rural areas and rural hospitality was exactly what we got when we arrived. The last line of the Schofields School Song says, “It’s a very nice place to be.” And indeed it is.

Schofields was hosting an entertainment event in the school hall for local senior citizens when we arrived and “Milky Way” was proudly centre stage.

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Teacher Laura Gilbody said “the students thoroughly enjoyed painting the cow and their Young Farming Champion Stephanie Tarlinton’s visit was a highlight.

steph visit 026

Laura said “The Archibull Prize was a lot of fun and certainly instigated a lot of conversation about sustainability and basically promoted the effort and time of farmers in general.”

Schofield Public School students love their Milky Way

The school also found the resource kit supplied by Dairy Australia excellent for library sessions and getting all children involved and to promote understanding

During the ten weeks the program was in the school the students had weekly K-6 library lessons about dairy industry “from grass to milk”….naming competitions, design tasks and even named one of Farmer Steph’s new calves


See Farmer Steph’s video here

Laura said the program helped the students comprehend sustainability and its importance now for the future as well as enhancing their understanding the time and effort put in by farming industries in order to supply daily wants and needs.

See and celebrate Schofield’s Archibull Prize PowerPoint entry here


Milky Way thinks Schofields is a nice place to be


Schofields Primary School picked up the award for the Champion Video Primary Section

Check it out here its just a scream



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