The bulls are in the ring

48 hours and counting down to announcement of Archibull Prize Winner 2011

We thought the finalists last year were impressive – but the schools who participated this year have taken things to a whole new level.

Just a few examples

iMoo from Hurlstone Agricultural College – the juxtaposition of traditional vs modern, handcraft vs technology, urban vs rural and fragility vs strength



“Threads” from Colo High School the first actual fibreglass cow to be “cut open” and to push the boundaries of what has been perceived that they can do with it. This has allowed them to tell 2 stories of the same industry in a very clever and subtle way.


“Moobix Cube” from Caroline Chisholm College which is clever (both in the name and the concept), and educational all at once!



“Cowlie Moonogue” from Muirfield High School using Australian icons and social media to bridge the rural and urban communication gap.


“Bessie” from Model Farms dairy inspiration from Mambo meets Keith Haring.


“Betsy” from St Ignatius – Beautifully painted imagery depicting the rural to urban journey on the front of the cow and the back of the cow showing the process from paddock to plate, the primary products, as well as a map of Australia showing the main ports which export grain. The train tracks down the spine of the cow to show the journey and how grains are primarily transported to the city.


Another post on the finalists tomorrow

Find lots more pictures on Art4agriculture’s Flickr page here

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