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As part of the 2012 Archibull Prize the students are asked to write a weekly blog post with 5 compulsory elements. One compulsory post asks them to reflect on world hunger and innovate initiatives by first world countries to make a real difference in third world countries

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Youth Education Farms (YEF) is a Canadian federally registered charity that develops and manages commercial farms located in rural Swaziland. Profits from each farm are used to fund elementary and high school tuition fees for orphans. In exchange for their tuition fees, YEF students attend the YEF educational course to learn basic life skills such as AIDS prevention, business skills and career planning. Upon graduation, YEF will provide graduates with loans to allow them to continue their education at the post-secondary level or create their own businesses with the guidance of the YEF management team.
Youth Education Farms was founded based on a belief that each and every one of us has the power and, in turn, the responsibility to help those in need realize their dreams and fulfill their highest potential. With the establishment of farming operations, YEF will not only create employment opportunities, foodstuffs and infrastructure, but it will give Swazi youth hope for a better future- one where they are entitled to an education, can believe that their dreams will come true, and one where HIV/AIDS isn’t the inevitable demise. YEF will ensure that children are not only educated academically, but that they also have the tools to succeed in life outside of the educational setting. These extracurricular tools will be afforded via career, academic and personal planning classes, as well as financial grants so that they have the means to achieve their aspirations.It is our responsibility to help ensure that the people of Swaziland are not eradicated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic plaguing their country. We believe that the solution to this problem begins in the classroom. Every donation made will go towards establishing a sustainable stream of revenue to directly fund the education of the orphans of Swaziland. These children, who are the most at risk, will have the opportunity to end the systemic eradication of a generation. These children will be the future of a healthy and vibrant Swaziland. Youth Education Farms is not a cure, but simply a pre-emptive tool of prevention; no child should be left to forge for themselves, nor should they be left to a seemingly inevitable fate that befell their parents- the lost generation.
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