Start some Good and Jump on board The Crossing’s Big Yellow Taxi project

I recently wrote a post about our Young Farming and Eco Champions workshop at The Crossing in September. This post shares with you more of the wonderful work they are doing and they need your help to make it happen

Jump on board The Crossing’s Big Yellow Taxi project  will help to create a song writing camp for young people! The campaign just went live on StartSomeGood! Check it out, share with your friends and contribute if you can so Dean and the team can start some good. BTW they only receive your funds if they meet their goal:

Inspired by songs like Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi, The Crossing needs your help to deliver a song writing camp for disadvantaged young Australians. The Big Yellow Taxi Project will inspire remote and isolated youth of the far south coast of NSW, to share and express ideas through music and song, about sustainable and healthy living

Young people from this area often have difficulty engaging in recreational activities and feeling part of the community due to:

  • a lack of activity options,
  • a lack of public and private transport
  • the cost and long distances they have to travel to access extracurricular activities such as professional music training.

Promotional in school sessions are planned to encourage students from local Secondary Schools to participate in a song writing camp with local professional musicians at The Crossing venue in late December 2012.

To raise funds to pay for musicians and to subsidise camp costs for young people, The Crossing is seeking funds through
Pledge your support by following this link to help them to deliver a song writing camp about ‘what’s good, what’s right and what needs fixing’ and help them build youthful passion and energy in the Australian folk scene

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