Archibull Prize 2012 judging road trip begins

Over the next two weeks Lynne and artwork judge Wendy Taylor will traverse the state in search of the perfect “Archie”.

Some highlights from Day 1

De La Salle College

This cow whose name remains a mystery at the moment ( but the bright minds are turning over) represents the  cotton industry. A detailed and comprehensive story is told in two opposing ways.


Firstly with a pictorial representation of the industry and secondly through QR codes.

Everywhere you look is QR code sharing a snapshot of the cotton industry .


Once you have played find a code, they allow the viewer to access a series of collected stories in a very simple and effective way. 


They even managed to write their own song. Have a listen its beautiful. Many thanks to Mr Smith 



Now this is fascinating. The cotton bolls we made by paper macheing water bombs to create the boll shape. You can see how to do it here


De La Salle students as is Australia for sale to foreign interests is dearly a concern to these young people


The De La Salle team with teacher Natalie McCaffery 

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