Archibull Prize Judging Day 2

And we were off and racing into Day 2…

James Ruse Agricultural High School

“Bessie” is a cow of 2 sides- both very individual and very distinctive.

b IMG_8003

On one side she explores the cotton industry through their reliance on water and Australia’s desperate need for this to be done responsibly and sustainably.

a IMG_7999

On her other side she is tactile and has an x-ray effect. The digestive system is mechanical and references the machinery and the science necessary to maintain this industry.

d IMG_7965

Bessie’s two sides are bound together by the cotton plant on her spine. It is wrapped in wire (showing the strength and viability of the cotton plant and the industry itself) and the roots spread out like a cobweb, linking all the parts of the cotton story.


Their video “How to be a Smart Cotton Farmer”  is definitely well worth the watch too!

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