The judges go north in search of the winning Archie for 2012 Part 1….

After 48 hours of  R&R Wendy and I were back on the road in our quest to find the “whole package” prize winning Archie for 2012. First cab of the rank was Abbotsleigh College at Wahroonga then a trip up the Freeway to the Central Coast. Today saw us jump on an early morning flight to Port Macquarie to visit Camden Haven High   



“Abbeefa” showcases the whole of the beef industry. She looks at political and scientific factors in the industry, many innovations and new technologies as well as all stages of the supply chain.


She also touches on water management issues and the need in the industry for biodiversity.



She is definitely about the need for the beef industry to move toward being more sustainable –just look at her winged hooves to help her to do this!


“Abbeefa” was very much an integral part of the whole school community. She was primarily the work of the school’s “Environment Club” (which is made up of a group of students from all years, who are focussed on finding more sustainable lifestyle choices for both the school community and for the wider community as a whole).


The Environment Club collaborated and shared their findings and research work with the school community. They all contributed in one way or another.

Wyong High School


19 group shot team archi with horns

“Archie” is very distinctive. She highlights influences from the school community itself and also the wider local community.

She is very informative about a broad spectrum of issues relating to the Cotton industry in Australia –from integrated pest management to some of the new technologies available.


She looks at a range of cotton products themselves –through the elegant jeans motifs, her legwarmers and bandana and also through the handmade washing line with the tiny clothes on her back.



Tying all aspects of “Archie” together is a series of consistent aboriginal motifs – dotted and intricate on her head, hooves and tail and vibrant and flowing as the border patterning between areas.


One of the particularly clever details of “Archie”, is her cotton plant udder with the milking bucket (or in this case cotton bucket) below. A very nice detail!


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