The judges go north in search of the winning Archie for 2012 Part 2 ….

There was a big welcome for the judges even before we walked in the front gate at Tuggerah Lakes High School Berkeley Vale Campus.

BV welcome the Archibull Prize judges

At Camden Haven High School Ag teacher Steve Shilling gave me a guided tour of the farm whilst Wendy judged the artwork


Christmas Ham?????

Berkeley Vale High School

BV 3

“Mooovie” is a very ‘worldly’ cow –just look at her sides!

BV 1

She has been out shopping (with her shopping list of sustainable requirements), and is now in the process of bringing the ‘paddock to your plate’ (in very literal terms). She is the raw ingredient in your shopping trolley, as well as the end product.

Her in-built movie channel is informative and follows the ‘paddock to plate’ idea beautifully.

BV 2

Her beautiful feet make you wonder whether she is a toy (rather large one?) or if she has been literally been picked up from her paddock (with paddock attached) and transplanted.

She is branded cleverly with a composite brand of the school’s crest and the brand of their Young Farming Champion Bronwyn.

Is this what an archi-BULL in a supermarket (rather than a china shop) would look like?


You can meet the great team behind Moovie here 

Camden Haven High School


“Eugene” represents the wool industry –in spots!

Each spot highlights different facets of the industry, capturing many of the aspects in which the wool industry impacts on our daily life.

Australia is also shown literally resting on her back, showing how Australia was historically built on the industry.


She has a patchwork of wool products to keep her legs warm, which were recycled and re-used from the school community.

It is her head and shoulders however, which set her apart. Her head has the identifiable horns of a ram. These then cleverly change into cornucopia, spilling their bounty down her sides. Cascading down one side is food for humans…..


, while the other side has food for sheep and the wool industry.


Camden Haven have done a great blog on the formation of their ideas for their Archie. You can read it here 

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  1. This is such a great idea! Well done team! You have really exceeded expectations and produced something symbolic, meaningful and creative.


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