Say yes to Buy Australian Grown

The pointy end of the Archibull Prize program is ready to begin

All the schools now have their cows and their paints and their industry resources

They have done their entry survey

Soon they will know who their Young Farming Champions and Eco Champions are

Now it is time to share with them what our call to action is and what we hope they will understand and will need to make wise choices about as consumers and decision and policy makers

Did you know this?


And that’s just the cows!

Imagine the amount of land!

The people!

The infrastructure!

Supporting business!

The technology!

It takes to get your dairy products from cow to consumer!

These are only a handful of questions and they are only for one area of agriculture.

We all have to eat and that alone means that agriculture is not only important but vital.

Every Australian wants

  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • healthy food
  • food produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Every Australian wants their food produced by people who care

A passion to link consumers with producers … to promote public understanding of farming, and the interconnectedness of health and nutrition and the agricultural sector … is the driving force behind Art4Agriculture.

The quantities of grain, pork, meet and cotton to feed and clothe Sydney are staggering and they only hint at the full story.

It’s staggering enough to discover you need 8,000 cows to produce the ice-cream Sydney consumes every day


Sydney consumes 300,000 kg of pork enough for 3 rashers of bacon per person per day


Enough grain to produce 32,000 loaves of bread

Sydney consumes more than 300,000 kgs of pork

Enough hens to lay 800,000 eggs

Sydney needs enough hens to lay more than 800,00 eggs

Sydney consumes over 600,00 kg of beef and lamb


We could make 1 million pairs of jeans with the amount of cotton Sydney uses every day


Yet whilst Australian farmers look after more than 60% of Australia’s landscape

Australian Farms care for over 60% of Australia's landscape

and produce 93% of the food we eat

Intro to the Program What we want you to know and think about

Believe it or not only 6% of our land is suitable for planting the food we eat.

Only 6% of Australia is suitable for food production

What outcomes does Art4Agriculture hope to achieve

We see success as an exciting, dynamic, innovative and profitable agri-food sector supported by all Australians

We see success as an appreciation of Australian farmers producing healthy, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe food translate into consumers taking that little bit of extra time required to seek out Aussie produce

We see success as young people getting excited about careers in Agriculture

How can you help make a difference?. Check out this blog from Susie Green at Farming Unlocked 

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