Leasing our Farmers Future

Our Young Farming Champions and I are lucky enough to meet lots of exciting young people through the increasing profile of Art4Agriculture. It was a pleasure to work with rising star young journalism student Courtney Deeth recently who achieved a High Distinction for this well researched and articulated expose on the challenges of young people entering the farming sector

Increased foreign ownership of Australian rural real-estate, high level of risk, and long out-dated laws, has seen leasing become an unpopular choice amongst our farmers in an already volatile industry.

But with rising land prices and an ageing farming population, it seems as though it may be the only option in the years to come.

Award-winning dairy farmer, Lynne Strong, is leading the way to the farming future in our country, and proves that it is possible to have a successful career on land that you don’t own.

She opens her farm gate to Courtney Deeth.

Listen to Courtney’s award winning interview with Lynne and Young Farming Champion Jess Monteith  here Leasing our farmer’s future   

Jessica Monteith

Young Farming Champion Jessica Monteith looks forward to combining her passion for dairy cows with a career in the agribusiness sector

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