I am a champion and your gonna hear me roar

Day One of the Epic Archibull Judging Tour of 2013 revealed many champion school and students who were determined to roar in one way or another  and roar they did

Day 1 began at the Agriculture Pavilion at Berry Showground on the south coast of NSW a town steeped in dairy tradition saw us adding cotton and sheep to the food and fibre mix

Berry Showground Pavilion

With four schools to see today, we were off to a flying start first thing Monday morning. (We actually even started early -probably the only time we will manage to start early during the whole trip!)

First cab off the rank was Avoca Public School

DJ Beef is definitely the rockstar of this year’s herd!

Avoca Public School DJ Beef  (7)

He comes with a red Mohawk, blue skin, a turntable, plenty of bling and the slogan “Aussie beef gives you the energy you need to be the rockstar you really are”.

You are going to recognise him as soon as you see him!

He does however, also have a serious message. The concept “nothing goes to waste” is very clearly demonstrated.

When we were doing our research we were shocked at how much food people wasted. It got us talking about how much things had changed over the years. When our grandparents and great grandparents were growing up they couldn’t just pop down to the grocery store to get what they needed. A lot of them were on the farm and had to kill and butcher their own beasts. Back then they couldn’t afford to just eat the fancy bits of steak, they ate it all! We have brought this concept into our design by naming all the cuts of beef on one side, on the other side we have included recipes that use unusual cuts of meat like the clod.

Great job Avoca Public School! Very eye-catching!

Next up Barrack Heights Public School bought a new generation perspective on dairying to the region. BTW -and we are still running ahead of time! I know this isn’t going to last so it should definitely be applauded!

Brocco is one of the two cool surfie Archies of 2013.

Barrack Hts IMG_7940

She is riding into the competition on a wave of recycling. She tells two strong stories: one of the dairy industry and their need to look after our waterways, and the second is a strong message about recycling.

She is quirky and interesting, with a wonderful story and fascinating features!

One of the most extraordinary things about this cow however, was actually the way that the whole school at Barrack Heights embraced the Archibull program, and the very real changes that the students involved brought about. They now have recycling at the school (even having their own recycling committee) and also lobbied for their school community to stop buying the cheap milk sold through large supermarket chains. Their launch, showcasing gorgeous dairy products, looks to have been superb as well.

Check this previous post out just to see how cleverly team Barrack Heights leveraged the program

Truly great ideas and extremely impressive!

Next up was a cow that screamed the man that put their town on the map –  Bowral Public School – Can you believe it!! We are actually still ahead of schedule and feeling very proud of ourselves. I am sure it is due to the schools clever work and efficient speakers not us, but we are feeling efficient anyway!

And Don Bradbull comes to the crease to represent Bowral and wool! All padded up and ready to go, he knocked us all for six!

Bowral PS IMG_7968

He showcases through collage the students’ research, as well as their excursions to the Big Merino and a farm visit to see sheep being shorn. He highlights the idea of ‘Barn to Yarn’, through the greasy wool running down his back, which leads to the finished wool of his scarf. The photo collage is surrounded by a sea of pale tulips which showcase Bowral and its tulip festival.

With his farmers hat and cricketers pads, Don Bradbull is definitely unique.

Did you know that Don Bradbull was created in the very classroom that the legendary Don Bradman was taught in?

Wonderful connection to your local community, your history and to your industry!

School Four Day 1 was Corpus Christi Catholic High School from Oak Flats  – (still sticking to our timetable, so maybe 2013 will be an improvement from the past years in terms of the punctuality of the judging tour! – we hope)

Ms Fillet Mignon of Oak Flats was the first of our High School Archibull entries that we have seen in the flesh.

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She is beautifully painted with expressive imagery appropriated from a variety of sources.  On her side she starts her narrative with the early morning stillness taken from Gruner’s  ”Spring Frost” . This is followed with the bright afternoon sunshine of a compilation of many works, which is followed by the early evening of Heysen’s “Coming Home”. The most recognisable and well known of the images used, is Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. They form a beautiful timeline of a day in the life of a farm.

These farming images however, seem to be held up by a fifth appropriated work, this one by Ann Newmarch. The four women, each on a leg, appear to be literally holding up the farm! They show the role women play in agriculture and link nicely with the Devondale logo.

The women featured include ABC Landline’s Pip Courtney who inspired the girls and our very own Young Farming Champions Steph Fowler and Bessie Blore as well as Young Eco Champion Erin Lake

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A well executed Archibull with an interesting concept!



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