Whole of community involvement at Boorowa Central School makes a great story as part of day 7 of Archibull Prize 2013 judging journey

Day 7 took us from Junee to Boorowa and School’s Twenty Nine and Thirty with Boorowa Central School (Primary) first up

“Patchetta” is bold and colourful and tells a wonderful story about wool.

Boorowa (12)

She has multi coloured ‘patches’ with images and information which is relevant to various sectors of the wool industry in Australia. The content of these sectors was driven by the research groups that the class was divided into. These sectors included: What can wool be made into; Different types of wool; A photo collage; A timeline of the wool industry in Australia; Shearing tools; Different places that sell wool; Fleecy and Woolly facts; and Scarf felting.

Boorowa (16)

Each group did their research work, and then designed their own ‘patch’ on “Patchetta” to tell their story. The combination of these patched stories gives a wonderfully complete picture of the wool industry.

Boorowa (32)

The felted scarf is colourful, beautiful and very well made! The perfect accessory!

Next up was School Thirty: Boorowa Central School (Secondary)

“Archibella Milkshake Boo” very much has her own personality. Her unusual name was the result of suggestions from the school community. “Archibella” (because she is a female Archibull!) and “Milkshake” were the two favourite names chosen by the school, and “Boo” stands for Boorowa.

Boorowa (40)

Her personality shines through everything on her, but particularly is reflected through her makeup and the flamboyant socks (from Crookwell), her scarf and her horn decorations.

This school took a unique approach to their Archie:

“though our fibre was wool, we decided to tell our wool story with the assistance of the beef meat cuts, to translate the connection between the cow canvas and the fibre we were allocated. In the various cuts of meat, the Boorowa Central Archibull team translated their interpretation of what wool meant to the township of Boorowa.”

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