The 2013 Grand Champion Archibull Prize winner is


Its now time to reveal the Winner of the Grand Champion Archibull for 2013


The judges have travelled over 4500km to talk to the students and view their artwork. They have spent 1000’s of hours reading blogs and reviewing PowerPoint and video entries and now the points have been collated.


The awards venue has been found, the finalists have been announced, the herd rounded up and loaded, invitations sent, community fund raising events have been held to fly rural students to Sydney, Young Farming Champions have packed their bags to take the road trip, special guests will be there and tension is mounting    .


Now in the spirit of building that tension even further before we make the big announcement lets take a quick reflection on why it all began


Everybody has to eat, everybody needs to wear clothes, everybody needs to have shelter. Yet like many other people around the world Australians tend to give very little thought to the origins of where our food and fibre comes from let alone the people who grow and produce it.


As passionate producers and loud and proud producer AGvocates the team at Art4Agriculture found this sad but also exciting.

We saw this disconnect as a great opportunity to jump in and join the next generation mosh pit of bright minds and ideas for unbridled thinking and questioning and come up with new ways of having powerful conversations and forging new boundary-busting connections between producers and consumers.


What better way to do this than tap into areas that agriculture wouldn’t normally reach through art and multimedia and leverage off Australia’s most famous art prize


Hence the Archibull Prize was born.


Each year the Archibull Prize Awards and Exhibition Ceremony brings bright young Australian minds and their big ideas together to share agriculture’s story through art and multimedia


Each year the ideas get bigger, the innovation seems apparently unparalleled and the technology mind-blowing


Without further ado it gives Art4Agriculture great pleasure to introduce the winners in all three categories and the Grand Champion Archibull for 2013


1.The  Champion Primary School Archibull Prize Winner is Gwynneville Public School Gwyneville Public School with Claudia Whythes-001l

The Gwynneville team with Claudia Wythes  from AWI

Gwynnevill PS

Gwynneville Public School, Wollongong  artwork entry Baa Baa Bovine

Visit their amazing blog Moo2Ewe

2. The Winner of Champion Archibull Prize (Program B) is Trangie Central School

Trangie Central School with Sara Leonardi McGrath

Trangie Central School with Sara McGrath

Trangie Central School

Trangie Central School with their artwork masterpiece combination of technology and innovation

Trangie Central School John Bull (30)

Visit the Trangie Central School blog here

Watch their video entry here


The winner of the Champion Archibull Program A and the Grand Champion Archibull Prize for 2013 is Shoalhaven High School

Michael Bullen Sara McGrath Shoalhaven High School

Shoalhaven High School with A/G Director General of Department of Primary Industries Michael Bullen and Sara McGrath


View album

Visit the Shoalhaven High School Blog here

Watch their award winning video here

To view the event video and see all the action

Once we have all the official photos we will load all the results

Congratulations to all the schools and students involved you have all done agriculture very proud

Some great pix by Sally White from The Land can be found here

To see the winner of the People’s Pick visit here

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