Selling the farm

selling the farm

Thinking about a career in agriculture or thinking about showcasing a career in agriculture by sharing your story?  Well we have the perfect vehicle for you

Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champions

One of the great outcomes each year when we review the Archibull Prize Exit surveys is to see how much impact our Young Farming Champions have on the students and teachers.

Part of the program connects schools with Young Farming Champions – who are based all over the state (some in and around capital cities) and have found their way into agriculture through many different and interesting avenues.

This year alone we have agronomists, meat marketers, cotton growers, wool classers and auctioneers, wool producers, veterinarians,  dairy farmers, beef producers and grazing land management officers… to name a few! And they all love talking about their jobs. You can read a little more about them here

We ask the students participating in the Archibull Prize the questions “Do you think agriculture is interesting?” and ‘Do you think agriculture is a good career choice for a young person?’ and the results are a resounding yes

Expressions of interest are now being called for the 2014 Young Farming Champion!

Art4Agriculture’s Young Farming Champions program for 2014 will train a team of 12 young farmers from regional Australia to actively engage with students in their local schools. The student groups will enter their project work to win the ‘Archibull Prize’.

Our Young Farming Champions will also have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive and diverse array of initiatives offered by our supporting partners. These events will provide a platform from which to develop, build and strengthen the capacity of the Young Farming Champions and allow primary industries to develop key farmer-to-stakeholder and farmer-to-consumer relationships.

Through their involvement in Art4Agriculture school programs our Young Farming Champions will be able to directly market their food or fibre industry and its diverse career pathways to a captive and relevant audience.

The legacy of the Young Farming Champions program is to create an Australia wide network of enthusiastic young professionals and build their capacity to promote Australian agriculture as a dynamic, innovative, rewarding and vibrant industry.

The program connects young people from different food and fibre industries. They get to see their similarities, they find common ground, they realise each has issues that are just as challenging, and they learn how they can help each other.

They see the agricultural community can be designed by their choices. They see the future is not out there; it’s not happening to us – we’re the creators.

If this is you email me for an Expression of Interest Form or read me here

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