4500km to finish and two states to go

As you can imagine after travelling 4500km and then having to collate all the points for the big day I got a little behind sharing all the highlights from the schools.

So its time to bring you up to date Days 7 to 10 saw us tackle another two states

School Thirty One was Theodore Primary School

“Archicotton” is very special to the children of Theodore Primary who created her. She has ventured everywhere around the school and has even had tea with the principal! A very sociable Archie!

Theodore ACT  (121)

Theodore ACT  (149)

Theodore PS P1030560

She takes the form of a model on the catwalk – smooth and perfect skin, beautiful long eyelashes, sparkles on her feet, and plenty of bling!

However, it is her amazing coat of many colours which is her most beautiful feature.

Theodore PS P1040026

Not only does it stand out visually and contrast beautifully with her ebony skin, but it also tells us alot about the cotton industry in Australia. It is a precise patchwork made from a variety of richly coloured cotton fabrics.

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The coat has then been cleverly collaged with a variety of cotton facts and imagery. The patches and images have then been outlined with multicoloured Jewels (perfect for any model!)

Theodore PS P1040026

This coat, and the fact that it is removable, will allow the whole school (including the Pre-school), to play with and learn from Archicotton- both as a cow and as a representative of the cotton industry. Well Done!


Day Eight of the Epic Archibull Judging Tour of 2013 saw us fly to Brisbane to tackle our third state in three days!

School Thirty Two was Bulimba State Primary School

“Giselle la Mucca” is as bright as a button!

Bulimba State School (14)

She is unusual and interesting and incredibly tactile. Made from an interesting combination of painted finishes and photo and button collages, it is her tactile surface that really stands out.

“We liked how the buttons have different textures and we want people to touch it.”

Bulimba State School (4)

The button collage of hundreds of buttons, is reminiscent of Aboriginal dot painting. Its subtlety and intricate patterning gives a beautiful depth to the colouring.

She tells the story from city to farm:

Bulimba State School (10)

“the city side demonstrates events and places that are important to us, River Fire, the Storey Bridge and the city skyline. These are all things we see from our school. We used bright colours on the country side as we felt that the country was ‘fresh’ and ‘full of life’ while the city is not so bright during the day but at night has lots of lights on in the buildings.”

Bulimba State School (12)

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