Judges visit the Beef Capital

Day Nine of the Epic Archibull Judging Tour of 2013 saw us thoroughly exhausted, we are in Rockhampton now. It is a beautiful day and we are ready to continue our judging at Rockhampton Regional Library. What an amazing building that is


School Thirty Five was Rockhampton State High School

“Archi” literally tells this schools beef story!


It is written clearly on her side so that everyone knows exactly what she is saying and what she stands for. It works well, and was very popular with the library patrons.

Rocky High Story of Beef

On the other side of “Archi”, the story centres on the unique beef supply chain. This story, rather than being told through words, is told through imagery and the tactile surface of the collage. The beef story starts with a timeline starting with cattle on the farm and:


“progresses into the 3d representation of grain paddocks and truck transportation. The production part of the story ends at the abattoir where the cattle are processed.”

The imagery connects well with the story on the other side and creates a nice balance of writing, images and 3dimensional features.

On Archi’s grassy green base and legs are the subtle handprints and names of the students that contributed to the creation of this clever Archibull.

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