Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarship setting the bar in building supply chain relationships

One of phenomenal opportunities for young people ( 20-35yrs) involved in the agrifood sector in Australia is on again in 2014. Applications are now open for the Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarship. See here

I strongly believe successful farmers of the future will collaborate across industry, hone their business skills and build partnerships right across the supply chain. See here

Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarship program is the ideal kick-starter to develop the mindset and skills and knowledge to do just that and my only regret is that there isn’t something similar for the over 35’s

The course is practical as well as theoretical, and covers topics such as:  

• Business strategy and planning

• Agricultural value chain

• Successful business leadership

• Business finance

• Logistics and supply chain management

• The role of government

• Understanding retail

• Sustainability and environmental issues

• Personal development

A number of our Young Farming Champions who have participated have found the experience a life changer

Young Farming Champion Jo Newton and Melbourne girl who fell in love with agriculture and now a livestock geneticist with a first class honours degree and university medal in rural science from the University of New England, said of the program in this article in the Australian

The biggest reward from the program is exchanging ideas “with other young people passionate about the future of agriculture”.

“We’re a diverse group from a wide range of backgrounds, all under one roof for two weeks,”

‘Our new insights into the supply chain is helping to put pieces of the jigsaw together, some of which I didn’t even know were missing”.

I had the opportunity to present to the successful applicants a number of years ago half way through the course and wow did they ask some thought provoking questions and all were relishing the opportunity to learn and grow.   

This year Woolworths will offer 25 young Australians the opportunity to participate in the Agricultural Business Scholarship program. I cant recommend the program more strongly and if you know a young person in agriculture who wants to build their networks and get the skills and knowledge to succeed in the tough climate for agriculture in the 21st century may I suggest you flick this article their way.  

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