No wonder people cant tell the difference between a camel, a cow and a horse

Who said all the fun stuff happens at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on the rides and in the show bag pavilion.


Well I can assure you there is plenty of great fun things to see in the Agricultural pavilions too


Livestock in the Round

No-one will deny that the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a great way for farmers to engage with the people who buy what they produce. There is also certainly no denying some farmers are better at it than others. Can you believe there were exhibitors telling people at the show this beast was part camel/ part horse.

brahman cow

Yes you guessed it a CAMORSE

As if there isn’t enough half truths around agriculture without farmers adding to them. This one all in jest of course – the problem was it was clear a lot of people believed them

Just to make sure the general public got the right facts this year the Action4Agriculture Young Farming Champions paired up with MLA and the Target 100 team to run the Livestock in the Round and tell the great story of the Australian cattle industry from a farmer’s viewpoint.


The Young Farming Champions team at the Livestock in the Round yesterday. L-R Steph Fowler, Hannah Barber, Tim Eyes and Jasmine Nixon.


You will be pleased to know fellow farmers, Jasmine and Hannah and Steph and Tim certainly did a sterling job of ensuring that everyone they spoke to could tell a Brahman was a beef breed and NOT part horse/part camel


There were lots of questions from the crowd


from big people and little people


and no shortage of patrons keen to learn about our great sheep and cattle industries from young people who love what they do

Livestock in the Round is on in the Downs Pavilion on the hour from 10am to 3pm (Closed tomorrow whilst the dairy cows bump in)

Call in and say G’day to one of our Young Farming Champions like Hannah Barber.


Hannah Barber

Thank you to Hannah and the team – you are all doing an amazing job of ensuring everything runs to clockwork and our customers value the wonderful food and fibre our farmers produce

Read more about our Livestock in The Round team here

Steph Fowler

Tim Eyes

Prue Capp

Hannah Barber

Kylie Schuller

Jasmine Nixon

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