Can your big idea win you $100,000 to help tackle the wicked problems

One of the things I love about the Young Farming Champions program is it attracts young people with a strong social conscience. Young people who want to work together to leave a lasting legacy for agriculture and their communities and communities everywhere. 

They go into schools as part of the Archibull Prize, a program that is tailored to give every child and adult it reaches the tools to make a difference today and tomorrow

We agree with the words of Richard Branson

It is our responsibility to inspire and empower future leaders with the knowledge and passion needed to tackle the most critical issues facing the world. By encouraging them to be problem solvers and innovators, we are helping to protect and promote their futures

Each year we invite the schools and student participating to write a blog entitled ‘Sustainable Living – What you can do to change the way you live’. This year the students may just come up with a big idea that they could submit to the Zayed Energy Prize that offers the winner $100,000 to bring their idea to fruition .

The Global High Schools category aims to inspire future generations across the globe, by instilling an ethos of sustainability from an early age.

Schools are asked to submit a detailed proposal for a project that encourages measurable initiatives that promote renewable energy and sustainability in schools.

Grant money will be awarded to one school in each of the five dedicated regions: The Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. The prizes are very generous. Each regional winner will be allocated up to $100,000 to turn their project into a reality.


The Zayed Energy Prize rewarding innovators

This year we have partnered with Ian McConnel from World Wildlife Fund to help support the students efforts.

I will shortly be joining Ian and 50 other Australians including James Walker at a retreat that aims  

To bring together community leaders from across Australia who care about the future and who are ready to take the next step on climate action. 

What will we be doing?:

We’ll be fostering new networks and relationships, discussing solutions and learning practical skills in community organising, campaigning, communications and networking.


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