Archibull Prize judging shows the Beef capital salute the grain industry

Week one Day 4 of 2014 Archibull Prize saw judge Wendy fly to Rockhampton from Townsville then catch the next  whirlwind flight to Brisbane

First of the rank was Rockhampton Girls Grammar School’s bovine masterpiece “Hora” is a goddess.

Her simple and vibrant banding is beautifully complemented by her intricate overlaid patterns. Her unique view of the grain industry and its origins and export patterns is clever and highly original. The consistent golden links to ancient civilizations works well and gives a sense of cohesion and character. Her tactile wings create a beautiful sense of balance.

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Wendy then caught the Archibull Prize Express to catch up with the dynamo Margie Keates and her team at Bulimba State School where there was no mistaking “Miss Steak”.

She is a striking mix of city and country and tells us about the Grain industry through collaged imagery and texture. The student faces looking out the cityscape windows is a beautiful and unique element. It captures their involvement in the project and their enthusiasm for her.

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