Beef Week its bigger than Ben Hur

In the world of beef in Australia it doesn’t get any bigger than being part of Beef Week.

Five of the Art4Agriculture Cattle and Sheep industry Young Farming Champions are off to Beef Week this week at the invitation of Beef Australia, sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia.

Team YFC at Beef Week

As you can see they will be very busy partnering with George the Farmer and Ben Stockwin from the Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia acting as exciting young ambassadors for the fresh face of agriculture at Beef for Kids

They have also been invited to attend a number of Next Gen events and a workshop with the Beef Connections team.

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More than 85,000 people are expected through the Beef Australia gates in Rockhampton this week and our Young Farming Champions are pumped to be a part of it. In previous years more than 3000 students took part in the schools education program at Beef, creating an incredible opportunity for Australia’s red meat producers to engage with the next generation of consumers.

Young Farming Champions Hannah Barber and Casey Dahl tell us why they’re excited:

2013 YFC Hannah Barber is travelling from Central Western NSW for the event. As a secondary school teacher by day, Hannah says she knows the impact of giving kids firsthand and interactive experiences. “Meeting those involved in any industry as a way to spark their interest and actively engage them,” Hannah says.

“The opportunity to talk to the visiting students is invaluable, to share with them my passion of the beef industry and show them the endless paths Australian agriculture can take them is truly exciting. Knowing we have the chance to broaden not only their understanding of beef production in Australia, but also broaden their career horizons is a very, very valuable opportunity I take incredibly seriously and am ready to tackle this task with my best smile on and my best boot forward,” she says.

Hannah Barber and Tim Eyes

Hannah says she relishes these rare opportunities to mix with and learn from professionals in agriculture. “I hope to continue to build my networks within the beef production sector, and establish myself as a valuable member of the agricultural community,” she says. “Personally I am looking forward to enjoying the opportunity to connect with students and teachers who attend, and will take in as much personal and professional knowledge and advice, which I already know there will be an abundance of opportunities to.”

At an event that brings together Beefies from across the world, 2014 YFC Casey Dahl says she’s not only excited for the “long awaited catch-up” with industry colleagues and friends, but also “the opportunity for the industry to showcase how we are one of the world leading producers of red meat.”

Casey Dahl

“I hope the people I meet during Beef Week will leave feeling confident that the future of the beef industry is in safe hands. I would like the public to feel confident that people like myself and the other Young Farming Champions will take the industry forward in a positive direction that is built off a strong relationship between the industry and the consumer,” Casey says.

“Through attending workshops and a few social events it will give me the chance to see old friends and also make some new ones and network within the industry, both personally and professionally.”

Hannah says she’s excited to share her unique story – of being a farmer’s daughter and a teacher – with students, teachers, professionals at Beef Week. “I want students to be able to see you can follow any path if you’re interested in agriculture, and I want professionals to see the benefit of connecting with those around us. I am producing our leaders of tomorrow, and their sandwiches too, and I want the world to know what a great feeling that is.”

Good luck to all our Young Farming Champions heading to Beef Australia. We know you’ll make the most of the terrific opportunities this world-class event has on offer.

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Dwayne and Tim Beef WeekYoung Farming Champions Tim Eyes and Dwayne are clearly just big kids at heart

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