Why young farmers are forging careers despite the odds and living to tell the tale.

Young Farming Champions Tim Eyes and Anika Molesworth are today taking part in Beef Jam  3-day event that takes young producers and consumers on a crash course of the Australian beef supply chain and gives them 48 hrs to reshape the way we grow, buy and eat our red meat.

Late last month Tim and Anika featured on SBS The Feed in a program that asked the question ‘Why do young people choose to become farmers in this day and age?’


Why would a sane twenty something head into a career that’s riddled with financial and environmental uncertainty?

A career with an average age of 52, that when seen on TV, it’s all cracked dirt, foreclosed farms and farmer suicide?

Andy Park joins three young Australian farmers; from the scorched outback, to the rain-drenched coast and to a food bowl feeding the nation.

They face three challenges not always talked about on TV. And Andy helps castrate a sheep.

Find out what’s on on the mind of young people working the land and how and why young farmers are forging careers despite the odds.

You can view the program here

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