Supporting our future influencers

Young people today value transparency, flexibility and the opportunity to make a difference to society—and they want to work in an environment that shares these values. If agriculture is committed to finding answers to the most pressing challenges of our time we can do this only if we are able to attract, engage, and retain and support the brightest minds and the young talent of today.

Young Farming Champions Josh Gilbert and Anika Molesworth are part of team seeking a world view and looking for the solutions that are responsive to the challenges of Australia’s farming communities

These young people want to move from aspiration to action. To do this Josh and Anika  have gone to Paris and COP21 on a fact-finding mission and bringing back what they find to share with young farmers like themselves and anyone else who cares to listen.

What is so exciting here is that they care enough, and others care enough to support them, to go and learn whatever COP21 has to offer?

The support from government and the community has been phenomenal

Josh and Anika recently had an audience with both the NSW Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Primary Industries who reiterated the important role agriculture plays in NSW

Minister Blair also recently met with Josh and Anika and 15 of their peers.

He feels strongly that investment in the new generation of agricultural leaders can do so much more than securing the production of food.

It can provide jobs, grow wealth and create vibrant and resilient rural and regional communities.

And the perfect way to create world class leaders is to create the right environment and give them the skills to thrive

To quote part of the Minister’s speech in Hansard

‘These Young Farmers are some of agriculture’s youngest advocates, representing all different aspects of primary industries and providing a link between life on the farm and the classroom. I was delighted to meet with this year’s champions who have now joined alumni of 50 members. These young farmers are the future of our primary industries—they are passionate and engaged, and will be the driving force to our industries by being innovative, progressive and pushing the envelope to ensure this State’s sector is the envy of every other State.” The Hon Niall Blair NSW Minister for Primary Industries Land and Water

2015 Archibull Prize Awards  (111)

Minister Blair meets with the Young Farming Champions 

And Paris is a great opportunity to help them develop those skills and knowledge. And excitingly bring that knowledge back and help Australian farmers drive the transition to clean energy technologies

Farming communities have a great opportunity to champion renewable energy

As Anika so eloquently says “We are blessed with open skies and vast horizons, we have boundless solar and wind resources”

“Importantly farm-supplied green energy has the potential to provide Australian farmers with a new and steady income stream. This will help reduce the physical, emotional and financial stress on our farmers and help ensure we have resilient and prosperous rural and remote communities.”

They and many young farmers like them are committed to Australians having the bright future that we all deserve

Tomorrow Josh and Anika will attend the Conference of Youth where Josh will be 1 of 200 young people participating in the Make it Real workshops

These young people from diverse demographics across the world a looking for a ” different story on how to make our model of society sustainable and desirable?”

They will team up and tackle the big  question of how we change the world. During 3 days, Josh and Anika will build the networks that hold a “unique vision and are committed to building tomorrow’s world, altogether.”

We look forward to people who share our values joining our team


Follow Josh and Anika’s trip to Paris on their blog here and on Facebook here 



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