Celebrating youth in wool for Wool Week

We are celebrating #woolweek by sharing with you these wonderful stories written by young people who are very proud to be connected to the Australian wool industry

Fred the Ram might be attracting all the attention in Martin Place but our young people in the wool industry are forging the future for industry .

Fred the Ram

Please join us and celebrate youth in wool by sharing their stories   #youthinwool

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Meet Max Edwards who lives and breathes Wool here

Meet Melissa Henry who has found her niche in the sheep industry with a little help from Sauvignon and Shiraz here

Meet Cassie Baille who says Wool is my future. Join me and make it yours See Cassie’s story here

Meet Peta Bradley whose world of agriculture is taking her to the cutting edge of technology here

Meet Dione Howard who is addicted to agriculture  here

Meet Emma Turner who knows every day three times a day you need a farmer here

Meet Tom Tourle whose attraction to the big toys in the sky in agriculture found him with his feet firmly on the ground here

Meet Pat Morgan has red dust running through his veins here

Meet Lauren Crothers who is proud to help produce your woolly jumpers here

Meet Steph Grills who is proud to be carrying on her family tradition in wool here

Meet Sammi Townsend inspiring young people to join her as a wool rural ambassador  here

Meet Deanna Johnston proud rookie wool farmer here

Meet Bessie Blore loving the man, the land and her career in wool here

Meet Jo Newton who began her career in wool in a suburban sheep stud here

Meet Danila Marini who thinks sheep are smart and shee is determined to prove it here

Meet Adele Offley whose greatest passion is wool here


Wool an Australian Icon #wearwool




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