#YouthinAg – building the confidence to step up

Courage and Conviction

The  Art4Agriculture network is a passionate group of young people and their supporters who have a vision for an agricultural sector that is vibrant, dynamic and profitable and is seen as a cutting edge career opportunity to grab with both hands

A large part of what we do is identify young people who want to share their love of agriculture with the world and provide them with the confidence and skills set to change the conversations around agriculture. Another important aspect of the program is that it encourages young people to connect with different agriculture sectors. In this way they can see that our agricultural industries share many common problems that can most effectively be addressed by working together.

Young people in agriculture have some big challenges to tackle and one of the ways they can fast track this is to build their communities of influence.

One of the best initiatives that I have seen that help them do this is by participating in Heywire. Heywire brings together young people from rural and regional communities across Australia who care about stuff and want to take action

ABC010_Heywire2016_CompOpenSocial_DD2_4 Its a wonderful program to help young people (introverts and extroverts alike ) think strategically, to collaborate and work with others through the hands on experience of developing a project. Its  an outstanding program to  help young people  build up courage and conviction that they actually can lead, that they have a voice and can have an opinion.

If you’re aged 16-22, and live outside the big cities, enter your story in the Heywire competition and be part of something big. Entries close 16 September 2016.



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