Meet Allana McIntyre working in beef and making global connections

Continuing our series on #youthinag sharing their journey to love what they do

Today’s guest post comes from Allana McIntyre

My story begins with a childhood spent outdoors. It was on my family’s sheep and cattle station near Longreach Queensland, where I developed my love of nature and animals. It was also here that I fostered a healthy appreciation for the unique lifestyle that comes with being a primary producer. Having attended boarding school in the city and now living in Brisbane, it is fair to say that there is nothing quite like looking out over a country landscape to watch the sun go down every day. In line with all things animal, a strong love for sausage dogs, horses and the horse-sport of Polocrosse was instilled in me by my family – a family who some might say are not only avid lovers of these things – but even obsessed!

Horses - my family is obsessed.

Until I attended university, majority of my understating of primary industries was with a sheep and cattle focus. Nevertheless, thanks to a well rounded Agribusiness degree, I was able to broaden this focus, which included looking closely at various horticultural based operations. Having always had an interest the economical side of business, the degree also helped me focus on the entire supply chain. From here I developed a keen interest in the marketing of products and the efficient running of business, especially from the point of view of sustaining natural resources in the process.

Visiting a family managed farm - sheep and cattle are in the blood.

This lead me to work in a range of jobs which included working for government, industry bodies, a food manufacturing/value-adding company and a meat wholesaler. Building on these experiences I now work for an organic beef company in a Sales and Production role. Needless to say I am glad to be back in beef!

Mustering some cattle on the weekends

I also like to keep an eye on the political scene here in Australia and the issues which the agricultural sector are facing. Having always been taught to stand up for what I believe in, I think it is vital that younger generations involved in the Ag-sector speak up for their industry.

I am motivated and encouraged by the ability for us all to be so well connected globally, as this means we have the opportunity to promote Australian agriculture on a scale unprecedented by those before us. Just this week I have been speaking with business contacts in the Middle East and in parts of Asia.  Now there’s something I wouldn’t have believed I if you could tell me that when I was back in school!

I am thrilled to be continuing a career in agriculture and the opportunities it provides. Looking forward I am also excited to be a part of a changing ‘landscape’ within the Australian agriculture sector.


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