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Justin Whittle

As young people I believe we have a big role to play in being creative, to think outside the box and reshape the future we want to see …. Justin Whittle

We are currently in the process of finalising a video that gives a 4 minute overview of the Young Farming Champions and The Archibull Prize as a personal and professional development opportunity for young people in Agriculture.

I cant believe how long its taken to find footage of young people farming in various industries to balance the footage of over 50 males. Access to royalty free footage of this type just doesn’t appear to be out there. If some-body has some please share.

Its reinforced to me the importance of high quality inspirational footage to encourage young people into careers in our sector. To me this video from Western Sydney University School of Science & Health is a shining light of how to do it well.

How lucky is agriculture to have attracted Justin Whittle – wow I am inspired

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