Meet Elly Polonowita who keeps finding her way back to her rural roots

Today’s guest post comes from Elly Polonowita who is following her career pathway into agriculture via a graduate program.

This is Elly’s story ……..

Who doesn’t like a little bit of ‘chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night and pair of jeans that fit just right’?

Hi, my name is Elly Polonowita. I am graduate research agronomist with Agriculture Victoria. My position is funded by GRDC and is an 18 month program. I am based in South West Victoria in the high rainfall zone. Throughout the program I will spend time with the department in Hamilton, a grower group – Southern Farming Systems and a private agronomy company – Gorst Rural.

Elly 7

Hand sowing a Septoria Trial, Hamilton, 2017

Winding back the clock a couple of decades I was living on 40 acres of bush land near Daylesford. This is where my sole purpose in life was to look after my baby born.

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My dream job was to be an ice-cream truck driver. In year one I moved to go to school in Essendon. For me this was the city. Houses were so close together, shops were a 5 minute walk away and there was nothing but asphalt roads.

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In year 9 and 10 I completed a certificate II in Conservation and Land Management, it helped me learn more about the environment and grow my love of wanting to help the world in which we live. I had an interest in flora and fauna from a young age.

Elly 1

From year 8 I participated in Pony Club, learning all kinds of skills. I always enjoyed jumping more than dressage, I found it to be more exciting. In year 10 and 11 I completed a certificate II in Equine Industry. I did this by distance education and did an intensive week up in Wangaratta. This was when I first came across Agriculture as a subject.

At the end of school, I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take. Agriculture wasn’t originally my first choice, but I’ve never regretted studying it since. I couldn’t move out of home straight away so my options to do Agriculture were between University of Melbourne and Latrobe University. In 2014 I got offered a place at Melbourne in the agriculture degree. I did my first two years at the Parkville campus in the city and then moved to Dookie College, basically Melbourne Uni’s operational farm campus, so that I could get more hands on knowledge.

Elly 2

Whilst I was at Dookie College I completed a Certificate IV in Wool Classing, got experience at the apple orchard, robotic dairy and some cropping.

Elly 4


A quote that has inspired me throughout life after school is “You’ve got to be in it, to win it”. I started university in 2014 with the mind frame of taking every opportunity and experience that is offered to me. Not being from a farming family or anything to do with agriculture for that matter, I felt as though I needed to put myself out there, to learn more about the industry and the people in the industry. I bought memberships, attended events, volunteered, extended my professional network and participated in competitions such as Intercollegiate Meat Judging and AWI National Merino Challenge. Over the three years I participated in the Merino Challenge I improved markedly, going from never having touched a sheep to being able to characterise wool and giving it an AWEX ID. The first year I competed I met the famous rams Fred and Truffles, who travel around Australia.

Elly 5

Fred and Truffles

I’ve always had a love for food and cooking, but never thought I would be able to make a profession out of it. One day I hope to grow my own produce and teach people how to cook it seasonally. Bringing my own paddock to plates of others.

Elly 10

Homemade celebratory student dinners; eye fillet w/ pumpkin and pea purees, roasted tomatoes and blanched asparagus. 

I have a passion to teach people about where their food and fibre comes from, whilst also connecting rural and urban folks. We can all teach each other a thing or two, through our experiences and stories. No two people have had the exact same journey. Can’t wait to see you around the camp fire, I’ll provide the marshmallows.

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