Aussie Farmers Foundation supporting development of young agricultural leaders

We are very excited to officially announce our new partnership with the Aussie Farmers Foundation  


Aussie Farmers Foundation has partnered with Art4Agriculture to spread the word about the importance of agriculture in Australia and to support young leaders in the industry.

Aussie Farmers Foundation helps rural and regional communities to thrive by backing them during tough times. Set up in 2010, Aussie Farmers Foundation has given over $1.3 million to projects which support farm sustainability, disaster relief, mental health, kid’s health and food relief across country Australia.

The partnership will see four Young Farming Champion alumni visit 10 schools in metropolitan and country areas in Victoria, NSW and Queensland in 2017 and provides a scholarship for a Young Farming Champion to take part in the 2017/18 program.

Executive Officer Julia Hunter said Art4Agriculture is an incredible way for young people to share their passion about the pivotal role Australian farmers play in feeding the world.

“Aussie Farmers Foundation is thrilled to partner with Art4Agriculture to help achieve our aims of supporting the sustainability of Australian farms,” she said.

“Agriculture is the lifeblood of Australia, and it’s in our best interests to nurture the nation’s future farmers, growers and agriculture specialists, and encourage them to consider this as an exciting and viable career option while they’re still in school.”

Excitingly  this new partnership offers Art4Agriculture the opportunity to double the diversity of farming industries students can investigate and reflect on and use as inspiration on how they as part of a community and as individuals can

  • reduce their impact on climate change,
  • reduce bio-security risks
  • contribute to healthy communities
  • can find rewarding and dynamic careers in the agriculture sector

Our YFC future leaders and influencers will have the opportunity to undertake comprehensive workshops to give them skills in public speaking, social licence, marketing, media, facilitation and leading transformational change. All of which enable them to share positive agricultural stories and in doing so raise the profile of the agriculture sector. As part of the program they will expand their personal and professional networks, further develop and refine their communications skills, learn and connect to each other and the wider community.

The YFC program also links with The Archibull Prize. This program provides primary and secondary school students with the opportunity to connect with our inspiring young agriculture ambassadors and future influencers so they can learn about the agriculture sector and co-create the future they want to see.

We would like to welcome Annicka Brosnan as our new YFC supported by Aussie Farmers Foundation. Annicka’s strong background in the horticulture sector will promote the importance of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet and  horticulture’s contribution to healthy communities .

Annicka 2 Welcome Annika Brosnan

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