Emma Longworth wins The Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions Scholarship

Emma Longworth (3)

The 2017 Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions Scholarship has been awarded to Emma Longworth

Emma is studying a Bachelor of Rural Science at the University of New England in Armidale.

Emma is a young person from the city exposed to Agriculture at school and she is looking forward to inspiring other city kids to follow her career journey into agriculture

 “I want to share with them you don’t need to buy a farm to farm and you don’t even need to be a farmer. Everyone in the agricultural sector has an important role to play.”

Every team needs champions and one of Art4Agriculture’s first champions was Alan Eagle – a founder of the Hawkesbury Harvest

Alan sourced our first funding partners and talked about the program to every politician he met, promoted the program on the radio and was an all-round great guy

Sadly, we lost Alan last year and to honour him we have created The Alan Eagle Young Farming Champions scholarship.

Alan Eagle

Alan was a strong supporter of young people interested in agriculture. He had a genuine interest in who you were, what you valued, and to make sure everyone played the ball, not the man. This made him courageous and generous too, always freely giving of his time and efforts.

All who came to know him soon realised he had a particularly principled approach to life, he was one of those rare individuals who live their values – Alans were trust, integrity, service, community and education

You can read Emma’s blog here

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