The Archibull Prize Awards Day Countdown begins

As The Archibull Prize Awards and Presentation Day approaches, the People’s Pick poll gains further momentum across the world. 35,000 people from across the globe have viewed the blog and cast their vote

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Currently Neck and Neck in the People’s Pick are Blacktown Girls High School and Beaudesert State High School. Make sure you get your vote in

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Communities are making the most of the schools’ colourful cows as showstoppers at local events

Bovinty at Murwill Show.jpg

Bovinity at Murrwillumbah Show this week 


Cotty at the college art’s showcase 


St Raphaels Catholic College celebrate with a photo opp

Its looking like ‘Bullinda’ will need a social secretary when she goes home 

And schools are collaborating to bring their artwork finalist Archies to Sydney. Shout out to Lisa Bullas and Calvary Christian College for hosting Bullinda from Beaudesert State High School and Graham Cheney and Kellyville High School for hosting Em-moo-ly  from Miller Public School

#archie17 #colourfulcows #beautbovines

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