Costa Georgiadis – Our wonderful connector of dots



“COWmunication is the voice that creates your future”

For the second year in a row we were blessed to have the wonderful Costa Georgiadis speak at our Archibull Awards ceremony, and once more we were reminded why he has become such a favourite member of the Archibull Family.


Costa and Young Farming Champions 

Costa is in high demand for speaking appearances but he is so selfless and generous with his time and wisdom. Prior to his speech he took the time to look over every Archie and connect with the students and teachers involved.


Costa studying the form

He knew all our Young Farming Champions by name, and when it came time for him to speak he made everyone in the room feel he knew them personally.


Take a look at what he said here:

Costa knows the impact he has on people’s lives and particularly his ability to bring joy.


His wisdom and humour from the stage made everyone smile 

No request for photographs is too big and he goes the extra mile giving every child the opportunity for a selfie and a video.


This is typical of the comments we get from anyone who has met Costa:

My little boy, Patrick Perkins is 8 years old wanted me to ask Costa if he could have

a photo with him. Costa went one better and made a little video for him.

Patrick was over the moon and so happy.

Patrick goes to a very small country school called Tamrookum and there they have a garden. When they do gardening each child gets to take something home even if it is only a beetroot or a couple of snow peas, but the children are so proud of their garden.

I am going to put Costa’s video did onto a USB so that Patrick

can take it to school and show the other kids.


Laura Perkins (proud Mum) on far left 

From the team at Art4Agriculture we would sincerely like to thank Costa for making our awards day exceptional and so memorable for all involved.

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