Celebrating #YouthVoices18 in agriculture for International Womens Day 2018


Our Young Farming Champions really are remarkable young Australians. We invite you to step inside, share their stories and celebrate all that is good in agriculture.

Many of them are Young Women. Use the hashtags #YouthVoices #IDW2018 and join us in celebrating  #youthinag on International Women’s Day.

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Through Art4Agriculture’s acclaimed Young Farming Champions program Australia’s agricultural youth have gathered to share their journeys, to influence their future and to engage with the community and the next generation.

You will meet sixth generation farmers and city-kids. You will meet those who have grown up on remote arid stations, on vast cropping plains, on coastal hobby farms and in suburban streets, but no matter their background all have been drawn to the opportunities and innovation provided by Australian agriculture.

Today these Young Farming Champions are employed across the spectrum of agricultural careers. They have become agronomists, researchers, business owners, veterinarians, and budding politicians. You will find them growing cotton on outback lake-beds, developing new varieties of wheat or new methods of animal pain relief, selling Australian beef to the world, breeding coloured sheep, advising government on agricultural policy and assisting the planet’s poorest to improve farming practices.

The Young Farming Champions are determined to influence their future. They have attended international climate change conferences and organised youth movements within Landcare. They have travelled to China and Hong Kong to follow the wool and moved motions within industry bodies to change regulatory direction. And for their efforts they have been rewarded. You will meet an Australian Young Farmer of the Year and Rising Beef Champions. You will see multiple show ribbons for excellence and meet RAS Rural Achievers.

For all they have achieved, and are achieving, perhaps their greatest legacy will be changing perceptions of agriculture by engaging with the community and the next generation and telling the positive stories. You will find them in schools with The Archibull Prize or on Facebook sharing the progress of a cotton crop. At the Sydney Royal Easter Show they will be talking about grains and biofuels, and at gala dinners they will be promoting the benefits of good grazing management.

Many of them are Young Women. Use the hashtags #YouthVoices #IWD2018 and join us in celebrating  #youthinag on International Women’s Day.

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