Anika Molesworth named Australian Youth Champion of the Low Carbon Economy

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In support of  the recent Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, USA (September 12-14), Australian movement has released a report celebrating Australia’s achievements in the renewable energy sector. Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth has been named as Youth Champion.

“Anika is a voice that questions the status quo and encourages current and future generations to have critical and creative perspectives on how we can find solutions to the pressing problems caused by climate change and its impact on farming, farming communities and the wider public,” the report said.

The report, Heroes Building Australia’s Low-Carbon Economy, brings together stories of Australian businesses, communities and individuals who are making a change to renewable energy and Anika is listed alongside names such as former CEO of AGL Energy Andy Vesey and Community Power Agency founder Nicky Ison.

“Renewable energy is the way of the future, no doubt about it, and in agriculture, we have such tremendous opportunity to champion this technology. Being named by 350 as Australia’s Youth Champion is an honour but we still have a long way to go in building a sustainable energy future. I hope this recognition inspires others to participate in the continuing growth of the renewable energy sector and drives home the message that rural Australia needs (and deserves) a cohesive and ambitious climate and energy policy.” Anika said.

The 350 recognition comes in a long line of accolades for this young Australian committed to making a difference. Anika is the founder of Climate Wise Agriculture, participated in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) and was the 2015 Young Australian Farmer of the Year.  She is currently undertaking PhD studies looking at optimising soil fertility in water constrained environments and comparing Australian conditions to those found in Cambodia and Laos. She is also a gifted speaker and educator and a 2018 Green Globe Finalist.

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“I would like people in the wider community to realise the great importance of a vibrant and resilient rural Australia to the overall health and strength of our nation. I would like everyone to share the pride I feel for Australian farmers. It gives me great pleasure to celebrate all the heroes named in the 350 report, and those not listed, who are showing great leadership, commitment and innovation in building a cleaner and greener future for Australia and a stronger agricultural sector.”  Anika said.

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