Agriculturalist Anika Molesworth – joining a 1000 women in STEMM to invest in tomorrows leaders today

Agriculture needs its leaders. But leaders don’t just happen. To be effective a leader must have a vision that extends beyond their own backyard, have the skills to communicate that vision, a network of collaborative cohorts, the courage to engage in difficult conversations and the perseverance to see the vision transformed into action. So how do we support tomorrow’s leaders today?


Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth is well regarded for her passion to see agriculture flourish in a changing climate. She has attended COP21 in Paris, conducted seminars at Broken Hill, presented at numerous conferences, spoken at TedX and is currently studying a PhD comparing Australian agriculture with that in South East Asia.

I am absolutely fascinated, intrigued and inspired by the natural world. Its systems are so incredibly complex and with such extraordinary interplay. But I also realise how extremely fragile it is. How precarious it is to mismanagement. People living and working in rural and regional Australia, particularly people in agriculture, play such an overwhelmingly important role in the management and protection of these systems, and in many instances give these landscapes and ecosystems a voice. They share the story of the land, of how it can be harnessed to feed and clothe people and nurtured to sustain vibrant biodiversity. I am driven to amplify that voice.

Anika is ready for the next leadership step: Homeward Bound.

Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet.

The course will cover leadership training, environmental and research policy, career strategy, visibility, networking, fund raising, and presentation and communication skills, and will culminate in a journey to Antarctica over the 2019/2020 summer.

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Picture – Oli Sansom.

“Programs like Homeward Bound and the Young Farming Champions help to upskill and empower individuals,” Anika says. “Yet in doing so, the outcomes and impacts from these programs are so much further reaching. What they do is help individuals seeking greater clarity in their own personal skillsets, purpose and values, become clearer on their sense of self, what they believe and what’s important to them. It helps them focus their two most precious resources, time and energy, more effectively.”

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Christina Kirsch of ClearSky Solar with Anika Molesworth at the 2018 Green Globe Awards

Christina Kirsch of ClearSky Solar met with Anika at the 2018 Green Globe Awards. Christina participated in the initial Homeward Bound course in 2016 and still feels the reverberations.

” The goals are to create connectedness and networking among women where the collective is more important than the individual,” she says. “It is about women taking responsibility and ownership of ideals and to collaboratively develop programs going forward.”

Anika holds similar views:

“When you enable teams of highly energized, values-focused people, the enthusiasm and energy released can be formidable.”

One of the challenges Anika will face as a participant in Homeward Bound is to raise the funds required to travel to Antarctica. This on its own can be a daunting task. Although Homeward Bound will provide training and assistance on how to go about this, ultimately it is up to the individual to align with investors who want to be part of that shared collective.

Anika believes she has genuine reasons for asking people to invest.

“I have been through the YFC program and collected a treasure-trove of public speaking skills, industry knowledge, article writing experience and media training, and connected with the most inspiring group of young Australians and mentors. The Homeward Bound program builds on this and amplifies this with its global alumni network, teachers and mentors. It expands my networks to women across the globe working in STEMM.”

These are skills Anika will develop, to the benefit of all Australian agriculture.

As details are finalised we will share Anika’s fundraising initiatives including her Crowdfunding page . In the meantime if you would like a spectacular guest speaker for your event or would like to discuss other opportunities for collaboration please email Anika at

This is what others are saying about Anika as a keynote speaker

“Anika shared her passion for a sustainable agriculture at the Ag to 2030 Brave New World Conference in 2018. She challenged thought leaders in mainstream Australian agriculture and gained their respect as a credible voice in how a changing climate is impacting Australian primary production systems.”
Ag Institute Australia

“It was a pleasure to engage Anika Molesworth as a presenter during the National Farmers’ Federation Towards 2030 Leadership Program in Canberra in 2018. Anika is a most engaging speaker; honest and reflective, open to feedback, happy to share her challenges and successes and very generous with her learning and advice.”
Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

“[We were] transfixed by Anika Molesworth and her passionate presentation. This wasn’t like any conference presentation, this was truly passionate and heatfelt. It was a privilege to listen. Walking away inspired.”
​Kelpie Ap

Visit her website to learn more here

If you would like to make a personal donation you will find Anika’s Crowdfunding page here 

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