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The Archibull Prize is celebrating its tenth anniversary. A decade of working with teachers has meant we have refined and enhanced the program’s delivery of 21st century learning skills, enabling teachers to combine traditional learning with skills most valued by employers, and, in turn, create a meaningful real-world connection to Australian agriculture. That the program’s cornerstone is a painted fibreglass cow illustrates the power teachers have seen transferred to students.

“The Archibull is an outstanding example of STEAM and Project Based Learning. The creation of the blog engages students using new media and technology. It uses the Arts to excite students about very important issues that face this next generation. It provides them with an understanding of Australian agriculture and the vital role it plays both locally and globally.  The painted Archie is a wonderful reminder of the collaborative effort a school can achieve and is a tangible artwork to remind students that they are 100% the future and what are they doing about it.”  Inel Date Secondary School Teacher  

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Check out this small selection of the phenomenal stories of agriculture told by students on the Archies in the last ten years 

“The most profound impact I have seen in this project has been the collaboration, connectedness and belonging that this cow has brought to our school.

Believe me people; a giant fibreglass cow WILL bring your school community together. The cow has lived in my classroom for two terms. At times we would have 8 or more people working around the cow, engaged in conversation, growing relationships and painting, one stroke at a time, the perfect picture of community.” Secondary Teacher Amy Gill

Benefits of participation in The Archibull Prize have been identified as:

  • Opportunity for students to meet young people excited to be working in the agriculture sector
  • An application of school learning to real-world environments
  • A sense of optimism for the future
  • Increased student awareness of STEM focussed careers
  • Development of core skills valued by employers including ability to work in teams, communication, problem solving, time management and leadership
  • Enrichment opportunities for gifted and talented students
  • Flexibility for teachers with the program delivery allowing for both in-curriculum or extra-curriculum delivery
  • Incorporation of multiple subject areas, with teachers and students from all faculties and age groups working together
  • Allows schools from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds to share ideas

In evaluating the 2018 Archibull Prize, Larraine Larri from Renshaw Hitchens and Associates found the program to have positive impacts, particularly on teachers. “The Archie has demonstrated to teachers the ways in which farmers care about the environment and their animals,” Larraine said. “This cohort of teachers now has the understanding and capacity to engage their current and future students in these understandings towards greater valuing of our farmers and agricultural industries.”

Young people will be the ones most affected by an uncertain and changing future, but they are also in the prime position to define and champion that future. The Archibull Prize enable and empowers students to work together to identify and solve problems and take actions that contribute to a better future .

Expressions of interest are now open for secondary schools for 2019 Visit The Archibull Prize website here to find out how to apply

Check out The Archibull Prize Hall of Fame here 

The Archibull Prize also offers teacher professional development opportunities Check out what the teachers said about our workshop at Tocal College  




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