Lets talk about growing up gay in rural Australia

Meet Young Farming Champion Jessica Kirkpatrick. In this wonderful blog post Jess shares her story with Canadian bloggers Allie and Sam and talks about a topic that isn’t discussed as much as it should be and needs to be talked about more!

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I grew up in rural Australia in a small farming community of around 1500 people… disappointingly for this story, it was a sheep farm and not a kangaroo farm (it would be so much more stereotypically Australian). I did all the usual stuff: riding horses, playing in my local netball team and helping out on the farm. We are sixth generation farmers and have been on our farming property for over 150 years. I am very proud of my family and their ability to produce safe and sustainable food and agricultural products for Australians and for people around the globe. I would say, agriculture is in my blood and it is my passion, but that is skipping ahead. Let’s rewind to growing up.

You can read Jess’ story here 

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