Voting in the People’s Choice Award means so much more than picking your favourite Archie

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In 2017 The Archibull Prize People’s Chocie Award attracted more than 60,000 votes from across the globe. In 2019 over 32,000 people have already voted with a week before the closing date.

What does it mean to students to see so many people engaged in viewing the students Archie Artworks and actively voting?

Cathy Hunt from McAuley College explains what it means to her students in this video

At Picture You in Agriculture we believe building strong communities benefits us all and design all our programs to encourage partnerships between education, philanthropy, government, business and the community.

A growing body of research also makes quite clear, support from those beyond the school gates is an essential part of preparing learners for the twenty-first century and highly effective schools have high levels of parent and community engagement.

Engaging and buidling partnerships with schools provides an opportunity for agriculture to attract talented young people. With research showing young people transitioning from primary school to secondary school have closed their minds to 70% of career options exposing young people in schools to young people with exciting careers in the agriculture sector gives students

  • more realistic perceptions of post-school options;
  • a better understanding of education pathways;
  • better access to training and paid work;
  • employability skills; and
  • leadership skills.

The Archibull Prize and our Young Farming Champions are leading the way in nurturing the perception that agriculture is an exciting industry

  • where innovation, disruption and creativity are fostered,
  • where careers with purpose can grow limitlessly and
  • where partnerships across sectors are encouraged and advance Australia’s sustainable agricultural future

Vote now in the 2019 Archibull Prize People’s Choice Award

Thank you to The Land , ABC and local media like Beaudesert Times for helping us build strong communities

Shout out to our supporting partners who are helping us provide young people with the tools and knowledge to solve tomorrows problems today

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