Leadership is Language – with Host Emma Ayliffe and Guest Sally Murfett

In this episode of Leadership is Language Sally Murfet sits down with Emma Ayliffe to discuss succession planning and the communication styles, generational drivers and relationship dynamics that can make succession a smoother and more productive process.

Key Messages

  • some of the hardest conversations are the most important conversations to have
  • ask yourself what is the pay-off for not having the difficult conversations
  • understand communication styles, relationship dynamics and generational drivers
  • PART – people, approach, relationships and timing

Pull Quote

“…. nothing happens without relationship and communication. If you can’t get this part right, nothing else is going to happen along the way. So invest in this process. Invest in yourself so that you can sit at the table and have these conversations that are going to get great outcomes for yourself and great outcomes for the family.”

 About Sally

Born onto a farm on the northwest coast of Tasmania, Sally Murfet has a life-time of agricultural and people management skills. She has worked on dairy farms and in rural service businesses, managed Cattle Country magazine, been a rural property specialist and auctioneer with Elders and a project officer for industry groups. Sally brings these skills to the fore in her business Inspire AG as a human resources strategist, project manager, facilitator and thought leader.

Sally was recognised for her commitment to agriculture as the 2019 Rural Consultant of the Year. She believes “a good boss lights a fire inside people, not under them!”

Connect with Sally:    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallymurfet/

Twitter @inspireAgAus

About Emma

Young Farming Champion and chair of the Youth Voices Leadership Team, Emma Ayliffe is a passionate and committed agronomist. She is co-owner of agricultural consultancy Summit Ag and this year launched the app Yacker in order to create real conversations amongst farmers.

Connect with Emma: LinkedIn  and  Twitter @em_ayliffe

About Inspire AG

Inspire AG was established to support the agri sector to embrace the power of people and culture. Inspire AG works with clients to identify how people can be the driving force to improve business productivity, performance and profit through human capital.

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