Announcing the 2020 Kreative Koalas artwork finalists

There is no denying teachers and students participating in Kreative Koalas in 2020 are champions

Today we are excited to share with you our artwork judge Wendy Taylor has selected her Top 5 koala canvases

This is what Wendy has to say about her Top 5 ( in alphabetical order)

Caragabal Public School

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a very Kreative Koala.

Dusty Paddocks is an environmental superhero.  He is dressed in a drought landscape with a shirt literally from a farmer’s back. The dry caked earth has permeated everything and is overwhelming him.

However, glimpsed beneath his shirt is a hope for a better future for the land. The abundance of green life sprouting and barely contained beneath the shirt is due to good environmental and sustainable practices. They help the environment endure and recover from droughts, as well as helping to educate local communities.

The unique concept of life on the land and important messages behind Dusty Paddocks is very interesting and captivates the viewer.

Carlingford West Public School

Atlantis is a utopian ideal.

It depicts an idyllic view of the planet we live upon, where beauty and interconnectedness are paramount. Water, which is intrinsic to all life, runs through the design, connecting all elements. It looks at both the little details and the big picture.

It highlights the need for us to work harder to preserve this beautiful and delicate ecosystem as there is quite literally no plan B (or in the words of Atlantis, “no planet B”).

Our planet is one of a kind just like this unique Atlantis.

Emu Plains Public School

Big Barry shows us life below the water.

Beautifully capturing the shimmering and fractured quality of light through water, Big Barry is a clever collage of coral and creatures.

The multitude of colours and textures highlight the many integrated and complex elements which combine to create a coral reef. They show the importance of all elements being in harmony with each other. When there is an imbalance within a delicate ecosystem such as the Barrier Reef, events such as coral bleaching can occur.

Big Barry teaches us that what we do on the land can have far-reaching impacts.

Gol Gol Public School

There is a distinct buzz around this Kreative Koala.

Queen Koala Bee leaves no doubt as to her theme. She is a hive of activity with swarms of busy little bees feasting on her nectar. The importance of these workers cannot be underestimated.

Varieties of bees are cleverly shown as they comb the beautiful gum foliage and flowers for pollen. They teach us about their importance to our community and to the environment, not just through the honey they produce, but also through pollination.

Be careful you don’t get stung, and watch out for her gorgeous claws!

Raymond Terrace Public School

Disco Inferno is a puzzle.

Made from many interconnecting pieces, he is a mix of disco mirror ball and aboriginal dot painting. At once, both modern and ancient in technique and materials.

This is also true of the story being told. The beautiful story about traditional methods of firestick farming and being custodians of our land, is balanced with modern issues around bushfires and the plight of the koala. It highlights the need for a holistic approach to conservation practices and shows that the choices that we make in our local environments collectively impact the global picture.

Disco Inferno’s mirror ball allows the viewer to see their own reflection and ask ‘what can I do to help?’

Extraordinary pieces of art that leave a life long legacy reminding everyone who see them the importance of caring for our planet and each other

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It all begins by empowering teachers to engage their students in the theory of change








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