Meet Jamie Pepper who was born to farm

Continuing the stories of our Australian Wool Innovation Cultivate Growing Young Leaders Finalists 

Meet Jamie Pepper

My love for farming was instilled in me at a young age. Growing up on a family farm, spending my weekends and school holidays helping out on the farm made me realise this was the industry I wanted to dedicate my working career to.

After my formal schooling was completed, I gained some valuable work experience (and studied) so I could bring new skills, new perspectives and commitment to do the best I can back to my family farm.


Farming is much more than a job or career for me. It is my life. The deep relationship I have with the land and the animals is something I feel deeply .


In a post-pandemic world, the future of agriculture is very bright and exciting. With stable commodity prices, positive cash flows and equity farmers, including myself, are able to reinvest back into our businesses.


With Australia’s climate variability, environmental sustainability and the way I manage the land is important to me. The unreliability of rainfall means managing water sources to ensure clean and fresh water for the livestock all year round. Fencing off dams and creeks helps to achieve this (the added benefit is helping the fish and water birdlife). Fencing off bare patches/land-slips and planting trees is another activity I do, in which to look after the land for future generations.

Growing my confidence and leadership ability will help me to make informed decisions to capitalise in this exciting industry. Whilst there are foreseeable issues which directly affect the way I farm (mostly around climate variability), I am very much looking forward to what the future brings. I am particularly interested in exploring breeding opportunities for my livestock, making smarter decisions on my farm and being a proud ambassador for the industry that I love.

I have always been a big believer that change doesn’t just happen, we need to make it happen. With the benefit of completing the Growing Young Leaders Program I hope I can be in a position in the future to be part of decision-making processes which affect our industry. I want to make farming the best it possibly can be, I look forward to being a part of the leadership of this industry

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