Creating a Champions Mindset …. with the support of Hunter Local Land Services

Our Action4Agriculture supporting partners know that champions understand that the people closest to them play a huge role in how successful they will become. No one ever made it big on their own, everyone gets help along the day. It could be a mentor, coach, teammate, spouse, or parent.

Mentorship has always been a powerful tool in the Action4Agriculture toolbox, beautifully exemplified by our Young Farming Champions alumni who support not only each other but the new cohort of Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders participants each year.

Bryan Van Wyk sums up his first year of Cultivate:

“We are not the same group of people we were at the start of 2021. We have become more confident, more knowledgeable, experienced and more authentic. If there is one thing to be proud of it’s the support and encouragement we have given each other through various platforms. I feel I can reach out to any YFC for advice or information at any time and I hope others feel that way about me.”

Action4Agriculture believes this mentorship tool is just as important in the workplace and in 2022 will be working with our partners to realise this.

Offering a reputable and successful mentoring program can make you a promising employer in the eyes of candidates, which is important when you’re competing for top talent.”     Robert Half Talent Solutions

Embracing the mentorship ideal is Hunter Local Land Services and their recent scholarship winners.

Danielle Fordham and Lachlan White are two young people who are beginning their careers without an agricultural upbringing behind them. Each has gone into agriculture with eyes wide open, looking for direction and challenges; looking for their own niche in the broad industry that is Australian agriculture.

We commend both Danielle and Lachlan on their commitment and are pleased to announce Hunter Local Land Services has provided a dedicated mentor for them in seventh generation sheep farmer and Local Land Services Livestock Officer Teresa Hogan.

“This industry is always changing, the goal posts move regularly. We are governed by climatic conditions, markets, and decision making bodies that are sometimes out of touch with what’s happening on ground. At the same time agriculture is full of very successful and supportive people who are willing to give you a leg up, support your goals and mentor you through. My network grows every day. This is an exciting industry to be a part of, and I look forward to sharing my story further with the Young Farming Champions Program.”    Teresa Hogan

As a mentor Teresa will provide advice and guidance, and share her own experiences, alongside connecting Danielle and Lachlan to board members of Hunter Local Land Services and others influential in agriculture.

Mentor and mentee relationships make such a difference to the enjoyment and performance of any role at any stage of a career. The mentoring component of Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders is what attracted us most to the program. It’s one thing to provide a young farmer with knowledge and access to courses, but quite another to provide a mentor to bounce ideas off, discuss the application of the theory in the real world, and build that scaffold for greater confidence and further peer learning. From the mentee, the mentor will also grow as a leader, broaden their network and gain fresh ideas, new thinking and a new challenge.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with our scholarship recipients, and look forward to working with Lachlan and Danielle in the future. Kath McLoughlin – Team Leader Community Engagement.


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