Scots All Saints College are on a mission to work with their local community to save the platypus

Young Australians care deeply about the environment and our native animals and are determined to take an active role in protecting them. The schools we work with see our program, Kreative Koalas -Design a Bright Future Challenge as an opportunity to take a whole of school approach.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing with you how the 2022 cohort of Kreative Koalas schools are stepping up to the challenge

Kreative Koalas uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as it’s foundation. The UNSDGs give us all a sustainability framework to measure our impact and a common language we can all use to work together and build a community of continuous improvement and learning.

“As a school, we haven’t previously looked at the Sustainability Goals so we are looking forward to raising the profile of these across our community.”

Today we share with you the motivation behind Scots All Saints College at Bathurst Kreative Koala’s journey

“Platypus numbers in the nearby Macquarie River and Winburndale Rivulet are on the decline. We want to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of local ecosystems, manage forests, halt and reverse land degradation and conserve water/ manage stream flows to ensure that platypus numbers remain viable.”

Scots All Saints College at Bathurst have opened up Kreative Koalas to all their Stage 3 students who are passionate about sustainability and environmental issues and are keen to make a difference in their community.

The school is utilising and developing the skills in this group to complete various aspects of the project. By making a positive contribution to this local and national issue they hope to develop a positive sense of well-being amongst the group.

They have embedded the project into their Year 5 curriculum and are using it as an extra-curricular activity for Stage 3.

They will involve the wider school community to help them with data collection for their platypus survey and support for implementation of their Community Action Plan. 

Learn more about Kreative Koalas and how it works here

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