Meet Ani Dilanchian – A city kid choosing agriculture as a career and advocating for others to follow her lead advocating for agriculture 

Action4Agriculture has selected 10 passionate agriculturists (including our first international contingent) to join our  2022 Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program

Today we are sharing Ani Dilanchian’s story. Ani adds to the diversity of young Australians not from a farming background choosing agriculture as a career who are committed to life long learning, building their networks and advocating for agriculture

Ag camp at Barker College 

Growing up in Sydney I had very little exposure to the agriculture industry. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was offered as an elective at schools. My first introduction to agriculture came when I made the move to Barker College in year 10 and was able to study it as an elective in my final years of school. With an equestrian background, I travelled throughout NSW to compete in shows from a young age and felt my passion for riding helped foster an interest in studying agriculture, and I quickly went on to develop a strong interest in the industry.

After finishing school, I went on to study a Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness at the University of Sydney, where I was exposed to many different areas of the industry from both a business and science perspective. During my degree I attended several field trips, practical sessions and an industry internship, including travelling to Indonesia to research the sustainability of the palm oil industry.

Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia 

This trip changed my view of the industry and its importance both locally and internationally, and I became increasingly aware of how my initial perception as a consumer was heavily influenced by how it was portrayed in the media. This realization cemented the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships between the industry and community. This is something that I believe is very relevant in the Australian agriculture industry and one I feel my generation can positively contribute towards.


After graduating from university, I spent a year working in the fresh produce industry at a time when the labour shortages were extremely prevalent. The severity and impact of these shortages on growers was evident, with roll-on effects to the consumers. However, I noticed a sense of disconnect and unawareness from consumers concerning the challenges within the industry. There is an opportunity for my generation to contribute towards improving awareness of the complexities and challenges from paddock to plate, and fostering meaningful communication between the industry and community to work towards strengthening the sustainability and resilience of the agriculture sector.

 Graduating with a Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness 

Having a passion and interest in sustainability within the agriculture industry, my current role with Corteva Agriscience is allowing me to gain knowledge and exposure across different areas in addition to being a part of a company committed to advancing the sustainability of the industry.

As someone who grew up in the city and wasn’t exposed to the agriculture industry until late into my schooling, I feel it’s important to encourage other young people to consider a career in the industry regardless of whether they have a background in farming. This industry offers a diverse range of career opportunities with many located in urban areas, a point that was very influential in my decision to pursue a career in agriculture, and hopefully leads others to consider joining the agriculture industry as well.

Catch Ani and some of her fellow Barker alumni being interviewed by the winner of the Prime Minster’s Prize for Secondary Science teaching Scott Graham

We are looking forward to going on Ani’s journey with her

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