Anika Molesworth and Ronni Kahn walking the talk – courageous conversations lead to bold actions

Today’s guest blog post is by Young Farming Champion. agroecologist, farmer, author, keynote speaker, climate warrior and Climate Wise Agriculture founder Anika Molesworth  Being involved in the agricultural sector has given me a front row seat to food production. I have stood in fields surrounded by millions of tiny corn plants, filled with awe at […]

Leadership is Language – Dr Anika Molesworth interviews Francesca Earp

Francesa Earp talks to Dr Anika Molesworth about her research work in Laos and why actively listening to your people it the most important tool to understanding them. Key Messages Social and cultural factors of a community are important to leadership – understand your people Learn from people and their situation before trying to change […]

Anika Molesworth says COVID-19 is a big challenge for farmers, but it also encourages us to share ideas and work together for a better and more resilient future.

Is distance a barrier to #ClimateActionNow Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth?? No way!!!! If you think a global pandemic is too overwhelming to do something – Anika says think again! Anika zoomed from her farm in Broken Hill to Pakistan last night, on the topic “How COVID-19 is impacting agriculture and rural communities, and what […]

Anika Molesworth inspiring the next generation of changemakers and proving distance is no barrier to conecting rural and urban

  “When I hear about what these students are doing – I could not be prouder! Having youth talk so passionately about climate change solutions for a sustainable agriculture sector makes my heart sing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I am part of the Picture You in Agriculture  programs which connect me in […]

Anika Molesworth a case study in expertise – Young women in agriculture finding innovative ways to connect from the heart.

Continuing our Lessons Learnt series The vision of Picture You in Agriculture is to inspire pride in Australia’s agricultural industries and to empower youth voices to do this. Through Young Farming Champions, the Youth Voices Leadership Team,  The Archibull Prize and Kreative Koalas this vision is being realised. The next step is to take key messages […]

Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth mentors changemakers at 41st Climate Reality Leaderships Corps event

“The people of Torres Strait taught me climate change is not something for people in faraway countries or in the distant future to worry about. Climate change is impacting people here in Australia in devastating ways, but this story remains largely unheard. There was a great phase said by one of the speakers – if […]

Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth walks the red carpet

Young Farming Champion Anika Molesworth literally walked the red carpet on May 8 when she starred in the 11th annual InStyle & Audi Women of Style Awards. The Awards recognise 10 remarkable future shapers and celebrated their incredible achievements across a range of industries. Collectively, these women are shaping our country and the world in […]

Agriculturalist Anika Molesworth – joining a 1000 women in STEMM to invest in tomorrows leaders today

Agriculture needs its leaders. But leaders don’t just happen. To be effective a leader must have a vision that extends beyond their own backyard, have the skills to communicate that vision, a network of collaborative cohorts, the courage to engage in difficult conversations and the perseverance to see the vision transformed into action. So how do […]