Lessons Learnt Number 6 – time to throw out your perceptions of Millennials and open your eyes to the world of opportunity in rural and regional Australia

Not so long ago the stereotypical image of a person in agriculture was of an older, struggling, white male and the image of a Millennial was of a young person sitting around a café eating smashed avocado and complaining about the unattainable property market. In this edition of our Lessons Learnt series we talk to […]

Its Archie Action Time – Case-study 1: Meet Lorraine Chaffer who has a passion for geography and it’s ‘place’ in education

When Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley AM speaks people listen. Speaking recently in the media Jim was quoted as saying “Agriculture as an industry doesn’t engage with the education system and it’s about time it did, otherwise we won’t have a workforce. The dependence on itinerant workers and students participating in gaps years is a pretty […]

Keep your “Eyes” on St Catherine’s Catholic School

Students at St Catherines at Singleton celebrate the arrival of their Archie  COVID-19 has dominated the way we work in 2020, creating challenges and uncertainty; but with it has also come opportunities for new entrants to our in-school programs The Archibull Prize (TAP) and Kreative Koalas (KK). TAP and KK are operating under a new […]

Make it Real – Time for Action

Young Farming Champion’s Josh Gilbert  and Anika Molesworth are blogging from ParisCOP21 and they are ‘learning by doing’  These are Josh’s reflections from  Day 3………… Paris Day 3 of the COY11 conference has reinforced a number of things for Anika and me Front and centre our agricultural sector has what it takes to be highly […]


Art4agriculture is a proud supporting partner of the National Centre for Farmer Health photography competition and we invite every-one to submit their favourite photo. Here are two of mine from the farm       Background and How it works The commonly portrayed view of farming and agriculture through much of the media in recent […]

Hunter Local Land Services launches two emerging leaders in agriculture scholarships

 Hunter Local Land Services is pleased to announce a new partnership with Action4Agriculture that will identify and empower emerging young leaders within agriculture. Two scholarships are on offer for a Hunter local to participate in the prestigious Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program. “Hunter Local Land Services is excited to provide support for young Hunter […]