How can one COW educate one SCHOOL about the WOOL INDUSTRY?

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Every Australian wants affordable, healthy food produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Every Australian wants their food produced by people who care

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This year our signature program for schools, the Archibull Prize is rolling out in three states and we will be following the journey live via the students’ blogs.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to each of the schools taking part via their blogs and we invite you to follow them and encourage them with your comments and Tweets (hashtag #archibull) and shares on Facebook.

After all this isn’t easy

Could you turn a cow into a sheep?


Well 12 schools like Model Farms High School have this task and they are relishing the challenge

We have initially been challenged by the thought of connecting our cow to the farming commodity of wool.

After all, wool means sheep, and sheep are not cows……………

There will be some serious brainstorming to come to look at this issue.

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Follow the Model Farms High School Blog “How can one COW educate one SCHOOL about the WOOL INDUSTRY?” here

See and hear the students introduce Archie to the school here

BTW this is one school who definitely knows Cotton Wool doesn’t come from Sheep


Archibull Prize Judging …a bit more

Model Farms High School

w IMG_8036

“Lady Moo Moo” is a character! (This is not surprising really when you consider her namesake Lady Ga Ga).


She is dressed from head to hoof in denim and cotton, inlaid with intricate and subtle detailing.

y IMG_8080

She is not a cow you are likely to forget easily –not too many cows have horns quite like hers!

v IMG_8027

Her udder and hooves have been carefully and very painstakingly wrapped with precision.

u IMG_8020

and her messages have been, quite literally, sewn into the fabric of her skin.


Did you know that Model Farms High School found they had a 100% denim ownership at the school? Every person owned something made from denim –whether it was jeans or some other item.